NEW DELHI: “Perfect Days”, the Oscar-nominated film by renowned writer-director Wim Wenders, will stream exclusively on MUBI in India from April 12.

The film, a meditative drama about finding beauty in everyday life, features Koji Yakusho as Hirayama, a contemplative middle-aged man who lives a life of modesty and serenity, spending his days balancing his job as a dutiful caretaker of Tokyo’s numerous public toilets while nurturing his passion for music, literature and photography.

As one follows him on his structured daily routine, a series of unexpected encounters gradually reveal a hidden past that lies behind his otherwise content and harmonious life.

The film was nominated for best international film at the 96th Academy Awards where it lost out to “Zone of Interest”.

Yakusho won the best actor award at the 2023 Cannes film festival for his role in the film.

Wenders, a German filmmaker and writer, is known for films such as “Paris, Texas”, “Wings of Desire”,”The American Friend” and “Faraway, So Close!”

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