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These compact devices act as a plug-in hot plate that automatically warm mugs to your desired temperature simply by setting your drink on top of them. If that sounds like a dream desk companion, good news: You can get this ultra-popular Bestinnkits smart coffee mug warmer for as low as $18.99.

According to user kk, who says they use theirs 6-8 hours a week, this device “keeps the coffee just a little hotter than warm, but not scalding — basically the perfect drinkable temp” for an all-day ready sip.

Several users say this mug warmer has lasted them for years — “I bought this warmer back in 2020 and it’s 2024 and still going strong!” says one — and it keeps tea, coffee, milk and even candle wax warm throughout the day at a claimed 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

The base is waterproof, which makes it useful for handling spills. It’s compatible with any mug in your collection, though the brand suggests a thin-walled, flat-bottomed one works best. It also has an auto-shutoff feature, so if there’s no mug on it, it won’t overheat.

If you need that warm caffeine boost throughout the day or you’re simply a slow drinker, consider this discounted mug warmer to aid your busy day and don’t let the coffee get cold.

I use this to keep my tea and coffee warm and also to heat up the remnants of my candles. It’s dual purpose and I love it. Beware, it does get very hot so keep it away from pets and children and don’t ever touch the surface you’ve been using it for a while.” — Nicole M Ritzenthaler

“I have had this for 1.5 years and it has worked great as a heater for my 1 liter glass pour over container. On average, I probably use it 6-8 hrs each week. It keeps the coffee just a little hotter than warm, but not scalding – basically the perfect drinkable temp. Based on the price, I’m actually really impressed it held up this long and performed so well. And it’s still going strong. I’ve already recommended it to a bunch of friends that we’ve hosted at our house for get-togethers.” — Kk

“I bought this warmer back in 2020 and it’s 2024 and still going strong! Having warm coffee at your desk that never goes cold is fabulous. A heavier mug does help keep the warmer engaged, and as you get down to the very last drop, sometimes the weight might not be enough to keep it engaged but… by and large? Great product and value.” — Cathy Zielske

“My husband works from home 2 days a week, and was constantly microwaving his tea to warm it up. I bought one of these for him for Christmas, and he was very surprised and happy with how it worked! I ended up buying 2 more, so we each had one to take to our respective offices. It keeps tea and coffee at a perfect temperature – pleasantly hot, but not boiling. Very easy to use (just put your mug on it to turn it on, and it turns off when you remove the cup). Highly recommend if you are someone who sips hot beverages slowly, but find lukewarm or cold coffee/tea unpleasant.” — Erin Hendricks

“I work 8-10 hours a day at home from a desk and this coffee warmer is one of the best additions to my office space. It keeps my drinks warm while I work!” — David L. Bradburn

This works perfectly! I am so happy I bought this! I drink coffee every morning whether it’s while getting ready for the day or while I’m at work and it always gets cold so fast. This keeps it hot! I love how it shuts off automatically when you take the cup off due to the button on the bottom. The surface will cool down eventually so you don’t have to worry about unplugging it every time. I would recommend this to anyone needing a way to keep their coffee hot for a long time!” — erin

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