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Cleaning your floors and bathtub can be an ordeal, especially if you experience pain, mobility challenges or are just really low on energy some days. Instead of straining your back, arms or neck to get hard-to-reach grime, consider upgrading your cleaning process with the top-selling Labigo LA1 Pro electric sping scrubber. Thankfully, it’s marked down again to $34.99 with a $15 off coupon. For even further savings, you can also save an extra 5% if you grab more than one — which is ideal for anyone who wants multiples devices for a house, a business or simply just treating a loved one. The chargeable cordless device comes with a retractable pole that lets you reach the ground without hunching over and spin away dirt with a swiveling scrub head by way of an easy trigger pull.

Tidy customers flooded the reviews section, noting that the scrubber is a significant quality-of-life upgrade and a handy back-saving tool. One reviewer sums it up nicely: It’s “the ultimate cleaning hack.”

The LA1 Pro spin scrubber comes with four rotating brush heads for reaching corners and cleaning wider surfaces, and has a retractable rod to reach the ground without bending your body. It also comes in three color options! Many reviewers say scrubbing is effortless and doesn’t require much arm, back, or leg strain to clean. “I have a terrible back and it gets very sore, very easily,” one reviewer, Becca, shared. “This thing? I cleaned my tub in like [three] minutes without having to bend over once. It was so easy, and the scrubber really gets in there so I didn’t even have to spend time going back over areas.” A clean tub in three minutes’ time sounds like a dream scenario, and at $34.99, it could be a reality.

This cordless gadget claims to charge for .5 hours and operate for 90 minutes before needing some extra juice, which is ample time to clean your bathroom or living room floors. It’s also useful for cleaning grout, stone, tile and hard surfaces that collect buildup over time or even vents and car rims. Reviewer Jade N Nguyen found it useful for baseboards and ceilings: “The handle is so long and solid that I can clean baseboard crevices without bending (I’m short) and reach the ceiling corners without a chair! I’ve cleaned by tubs, showers, windows, baseboards, doors, trash cans, and way more!”

If you’re tired of straining your back when cleaning the floors and tub, grab this electric scrubber now before its price shoots back up. While it’s listed for $49.99, don’t forget to clip the Amazon coupon for the additional $15 off. If you purchase two, the extra 5% off will update without you having to clip another coupon. Lastly, remember your updated price will show at checkout and not in your cart. Happy cleaning!

Check out more promising reviews of the cordless Labigo LA1 Pro spin scrubber:

“This has been heaven sent! I have a bad back and trying to clean the tub had become a nuisance making it painful and inconvenient. My husband purchased this due to my complaining LOL. Ever since we got this cleaning it has been super easy, convenient and just a life save, especially having kids when you need to finish tasks more efficiently” — Maribel F.

“I recently purchased Labigo electric scrubber LA1 Pro and used on my tile grout in my kitchen. I also purchased the spray multi purpose “The Pink Stuff” off of Amazon that was recommended highly by customers. I sprayed it on the grout lines and let it set for about 15 minutes, the proceeded to use the scrubber. All I can say for me it was amazing. The handle extends long enough so can stand and not have to get on your hands knees. I haven’t used on other things yet, but I’m sure I will be satisfied. I hope if any of you purchase it you will have the same results.” — An Amazon customer

“I often use my 3rd bedroom and bathroom as an Airbnb. I have a cleaning lady who comes between guests but if I’m home I often help. I particularly focus on the bathroom and mostly the shower I think all my guests are entitled to a germ-free shower. But I have a bad back so scrubbing the walls and the rest of the shower is difficult.This has made the job a lot easier. The doesn’t require a lot of pressure, it cleans thoroughly, you can see exactly where you’ve cleaned and it’s lightweight. My time cleaning the shower is reduced to a few minutes versus doing the job by hand. And I don’t have any back pain when I finish.” — Traveling Broad

“I’m all about making my life easier (who isn’t) and this tool helps do just that. It used to take me 20 minutes to scrub my shower floor. Now I scrub it in 5 and thats including the walls. Its easy to hold and spins fast. I like it comes with different attachments to get in the corners. My back says thank you!” — Cynthia Villalta

“Can a scrub brush change your life? I am not sure. However, this one can definitely improve your cleaning routines. It was almost embarrassing to see how much more invisible soap scum this brush scrubbed away. Then again, I often put off scrubbing the tub and shower because of my chronic fatigue and back troubles. After using this scrubber, I was not exhausted, nor was my back screaming. The different brushes get into all the almost impossible nooks, crannies, and curves. I even used it on the bathroom sink.— Kevin

“This scrubber has plenty of power. The grout on my kitchen floor was looking bad and this made fast work of a labor intensive job. It easily tackled the mess on bathroom countertops and sinks. I even used it to clean the dirt off my a/c vents so I did not need to use a ladder.” — beachbaby

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