“I have several of these tall “cool” fans for breeze, sound, and air purifying. (I also have several of the hot/cool shorter fans, also 5 stars for me!). These are dependable and start working to clear the air quickly. This particular one I set up in a basement gym to clear the air and within hours the air quality was so clean and fresh. I pretty much keep them on 24/7. Filters do not seem to need changing very frequently. I even take the shorter hot/cool fans/ heaters on car trips for lake houses and hotel rooms. Love these!” — Freebird888

“This brand name basically sells itself. It is every thing they claim about it. Super quiet even at higher speeds (10 speed levels) and super efficient. Easy to set up and use straight out of the box.” — Helpful Reviews

“This product was packaged in a very premium fashion and upon opening it, it was already assembled and ready to use! All that needed to be done to start using it was to take off the plastic around the fan and off the controller. Upon starting the Purifier, I noticed the live monitor of air quality was almost touching the yellow indicator. After running for 30 minutes, it had been brought down to low green! That’s absolutely incredible! This is quite impressive to me as the living room is not small, it probably covers a 20×20 ft area. I tried putting the fan in a room upstairs that’s a little bigger than the living room and the live air quality went from medium green to low green in about 20 minutes with the 8 fan setting.” — Mi Cael

“This purifier not only cools the air efficiently but also ensures that the air we breathe is clean and free of allergens. The quality and performance are exceptional, and the design is sleek and modern. If you’re looking for a top-notch air purifier that also doubles as a cooling fan, the Dyson TP10 is a must-have. Highly recommended for its quality and the significant improvement it brings to indoor air quality and comfort.” — Afras

“The dyson TP10 continues a tradition of beautifully crafted dyson fans that perform many different operations into a singular package. Out of the box everything comes fully assemebled just unpack it from the box and plop the magnetic remote to the top of the fan. Plug it in and you are ready to go. The fan itself outputs a good amount of air especially at around 4-6 feet away it seems the concentrated airflow helps to fully output arount this range. The screen is very bright and clear so anytime you change the settings or output you can easily see where you are. Most of the settings are pretty self explanatory. It looks super cool when the fan goes 350 degrees where it almost spins all the way around while it is oscilating.” — William Sung

“I couldent be more happy with this Dyson Air Purifier. It looks super modern and very clean. One of my favorite things about this machine is that the display actually reads out numerically the current particulate in the air. It’s very accurate. When I filmed this there was smoke outside hence the reading in the 30′s. Today it’s down to 3. All of my other purifiers just have three colored lights to indicate Good. Moderate, Bad. I love having the actual # showing. The machine is almost silent when it’s on a low setting and the turning mechanism is silent too. If you turn it up all the way it does make some noise but less than a standard fan of equivalent throughput. I really love this purifier and it’s now the fanciest one I own. You really can’t go wrong with this unit.” — Joel Gallegos

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