Finding a perfect match or the search for the elusive Mr or Miss Right could be daunting as well as exciting. However, when it comes to lifelong commitment, one seeks for qualities beyond compatibility. Loyalty is one of the most essential attributes in a partner when it comes to a relationship or marriage that stands the test of time. It is the foundation of lifelong trust and provides a safe zone for one to confide in and to share small and big moments of life. (Also read | Relationship warning signs: From love bombing to gaslighting; 9 red flags you should never ignore)

A loyal partner shows up for you fully and sticks with you through the inevitable ups and downs of life(Freepik)

Meeting a partner who is trustworthy and truly loyal is a matter of luck. But it may be the case that your perfect match might be right before your eyes, but you are not able to somehow recognise them. Pay attention to the person who takes stand for you, silently admires you, makes sacrifices for you, puts you first before everything and are consistent in their behaviour when it comes to you.

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“When it comes to love, there is a small voice in all of our thoughts that imagines happily ever after from fairy tales, such as Cinderella and Prince Charming or Beauty and the Beast. Integrating those stories into our lives is the wish of many, hoping to find that tenacious love like Prince Charming, who will find you no matter what, with just your lost glass slipper. But fairy tales are simply tales that are rarely encountered in reality. However, everyone hopes for a trustworthy, loyal, and loving companion; for many, this is the reality. When it comes to long-lasting love, loyalty is everything. True loyalty, however, extends far beyond sexual fidelity. A loyal partner shows up for you fully and sticks with you through the inevitable ups and downs of life,” says Dr Chandni Tugnait is M.D. (Alternative Medicines), Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Business Coach, NLP Expert, Healer, Founder & Director – Gateway of Healing.


Here are seven signs that your partner has deep loyalty to you, as per Dr Chandni.

1. They keep your secrets safe: Loyal partners recognise that trust is the foundation of intimacy. They will never betray your trust by gossiping about confidential topics you’ve spoken with them.

2. They stand up for you: Loyal partners support you, even when you are not present. They will protect your honour, remind others of your good characteristics, and dispel any unfair critiques or rumours about you.

3. They make sacrifices for you: True loyalty entails making sacrifices for your partner’s sake. Perhaps they turned down a career opportunity that would have required protracted separations. Or they sacrificed hobbies and social gatherings to offer care when you most needed it.

4. They comfort you in times of sadness: When you’re grieving a loss or suffering from despair, a loyal companion will provide you with shelter from the storm. They will listen without judgment, offer loving encouragement, and guide you through the darkness until you reach the other side.

5. They argue fairly and don’t stampede: Conflict is unavoidable in close relationships, but committed partners don’t retreat or lash out in destructive ways. Instead, they’ll take a pause if necessary, then return to dispute respectfully and resolve difficulties through compromise.

6. They treasure your relationship history: Loyal partners value your relationship history. They treasure memories, commemorate anniversaries, and seek ways to recognise the positive journey you’ve taken together.

7. They express consistency and constancy: Perhaps most essentially, loyalty manifests itself throughout time as a partner’s daily consistency, steadiness, and devotion. There is a strong sense of being able to rely on this person’s affection and support on a daily basis for the long run. Their loyalty is calmer and more consistent rather than flashy.

While romantic sparks, physical attractiveness, and similar interests all contribute to relationship success, recognising a partner’s quiet force of loyalty is also important. Your love is strong and resilient because it is based on true loyalty.

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