Between the daily grind and summer travel, sometimes it can feel like we’re hardly at home. Instead of worrying about your property while you’re away, you can get a little peace of mind with a home security camera. Whole-house systems can be really pricey, which is why we love this deal on a two-pack of the Eufy SoloCam S40 for $220 at Best Buy right now. That’s $80 less than the regular price. 

The Eufy SoloCam S40 features 2K HD video, which can make it easier to recognize facial features and discern between family, friends and strangers. It’s also got full-color night vision up to 26 feet away. 

The cameras are solar powered, so they can be installed anywhere that gets at least two hours of sunlight per day. Installation is super easy since the cameras are cordless, and once the devices are set up, they can be controlled via app. You can get instant alerts when someone approaches your home, and you can even scare off would-be burglars with the attached 600-lumen spotlight and 90-decibel siren. These devices don’t require a monthly subscription, but they will need to connect to your Wi-Fi or cellular network.

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