To tackle the dynamic industrial shift, the Indian School of Business (ISB) has introduced a curricular makeover in its Post Graduate Programme (PGP). 

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In a statement issued here on Monday, it said that the redesign comes with a three-pronged focus on – flexibility in the course structure, an adaptive programme catering to students from diverse backgrounds and the ability to customise the course, as per industry requirements. 

It has set up a Centre for Learning and Teaching Excellence to supervise the teaching standard, curriculum design and an upgrade in quality. The programme with a reduced set of core courses allows increased flexibility in choosing elective courses to cater to the diversity in the PG cohort. The customisation facility comes with a bucket of elective courses that contribute to 60 per cent of the PG programme, the statement said. T

The courses are reduced to 14, out of which 4 are shifted to the elective course list and are crafted in cognizance of the rapidly changing business landscape, such as Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. The business school has restructured the one-year programme from standard six-week blocks to a four-week block and the remainder space for numerous short-term courses. 

The school has laid emphasis on enhancing its Analytics curriculum to align with the demands of today’s data-driven business landscape. Among new courses would be those covering innovative technologies. Elective offerings include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Additionally, ISB’s Office of Experiential Learning will offer immersive experiences that bridge theory with practice through activities such as field immersions and industry-sponsored projects. This holistic approach aligns with prominent global trends and is informed by a thorough study of the learning landscape by ISB.

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