Technology major SAP is bullish on India’s reliance on technological advancement in its run to becoming a prominent global economy. India provides significant growth opportunities and is crucial to develop cutting edge innovation, with a large talent base present in the region, said Punit Renjen, Deputy Chairperson of the Supervisory Board, SAP. 

The company is seeing growth across sectors of large enterprises, mid market, and digital natives in India. It sees more headroom for growth in the region’s mid market sector fuelled by the nimbleness and agility of its solutions and offerings. 

Best talent

“India is the fifth largest economy soon to be the third largest economy with a massive demographic dividend. India has taken advantage of digitization and cloud over time and can build on that. For SAP, India is incredibly important, not only from a market place standpoint, but from a talent standpoint as well, as we attract and retain the best talent to develop the cutting edge innovation,” Renjen said at a media address in Bengaluru. 

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SAP in India employs 15000 employees, with 40 per cent of its global R&D being driven out of the region. In a bid to double down, the company has committed to add 15000 more jobs in India. This year, SAP has had a net new addition of 1500 employees, and will start the first phase of hiring 3000 employees in Q1 2025. 

“Our decision to double down in India is based on the potential of Indian talent. The talent base for us is the biggest driver, and we aim to harness the innovation, speed, and mindset to drive boundaries further,” said Thomas Saueressig, Executive Board, SAP Product Engineering, SAP SE.

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