Certain actors possess a unique potential to breathe life into the roles they take up. One such notable artiste is Kishore, who not only carries films on his shoulders but also adds an essence that enriches the overall narrative, even if he only plays a supporting role.

Known for his multilingual versatility, Kishore effortlessly transcends into diverse roles, from protagonist to antagonist and other prominent characters. He acknowledges the importance of selecting roles that resonate with him personally, recognising the pivotal characters that shape his career path. The actor explains, “Many roles are offered, but it is up to me to recognise what fits me best and choose them. It is tricky, sometimes. Once we start making our own contributions to a character, filmmakers find it easier to effectively convey certain themes through specific actors. They look to us actors as the face of the character they’ve written, making their storytelling process seamless. Finally, in storytelling, we become tools through which directors develop the narrative. How each tool is utilised depends on their vision,” says the actor.

While many may recall his impactful performance as a forest officer in Kantara, Kishore is set to captivate audiences yet again with a significant role in Yuva, backed by Vijay Kiragandur’s Hombale Films. Starring Yuvarajkumar, the film, directed by Santhosh Ananddram, hits theatres this week.

Kishore is all set to be seen as a wrestling coach in Yuva. “Wrestling as a sport is not so popular in India, and one of the reasons I picked this script was to understand the dynamics of this sport,” he explains.

“In the process, I had the opportunity to work with Yuvarajkumar, and I admired his commitment to the character. He has learned a lot during his short stint, particularly in the episodes, where he shares screen with me, and when he deals with the sports scenes. Despite the fictitious nature of the film, he has put in a tremendous amount of hard work. I always appreciate actors who are committed. The more authentic the lead actor, the more appealing it will be to the audience, and Yuvarajkumar has truly immersed himself in the character. Perhaps, this portrayal by the lead actor might even inspire some to take up wrestling seriously,” he says.

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