In a bid to address the increasing number of abandoned vehicles in municipalities, the government has introduced an online initiative to ease the process of de-registering a vehicle, the New Straits Times reports.

According to transport minister Anthony Loke, owners wanting to dispose of their old vehicles can do so through a licenced Authorised Automotive Treatment Facility (AATF) using the online motor vehicle de-registration system (e-Dereg).

He said the system enables owners intending to dispose of his or her vehicle to de-register it online in six simple steps without having to be physically present at the road transport department (JPJ). The process can be accomplished within five minutes.

Gov’t launches e-Dereg to help tackle abandoned cars issue – owners can now de-register their vehicle online

“Once the vehicle is de-registered, the owner no longer holds liabiliity over it. You can even do it in the comfort of your home as the licensed AATF also provides a towing service,” he said.

Loke said the initiative was aimed at helping to reduce the number of abandoned vehicles in neighbourhoods. He said in Selangor alone, there are tens of thousands of derelict vehicles that are not just an eyesore, but also pose environmental hazards.

“The process of scrapping these vehicles requires local councils to issue multiple notices to registered owners, as they can’t simply dispose of people’s properties under the law. The e-Dereg system aims at encouraging owners with 30- or 40-year-old vehicles that are no longer roadworthy to scrap their machines” he said, adding that the owners only needed to furnish their MyKad and verify their identity with a thumbprint.

Gov’t launches e-Dereg to help tackle abandoned cars issue – owners can now de-register their vehicle online

Loke said that in order to ensure that motor vehicles are disposed of in an orderly manner and comply with all regulations set by the department of environment (DOE), the disposal of vehicles through this system is only allowed to be carried out by AATFs licensed by DOE.

This route will comply with safety standards, including the disposal of scheduled wastes in the form of vehicle fluids, as set by the DOE, unlike the case with scrap metal dealers. He said the whole process, which covers the flushing out of the different fluids, sorting of recyclable items including wheels, as well as non-recyclable parts such as airbags and tyres, would take less than an hour at the AATF.

He said the initiative was being introduced following an announcement he made in 2019 involving the development of such a system. He explained that the solution has taken time because it involved the development of a comprehensive plan for it, from the registration cancellation system to the creation of a vehicle disposal centre complying with safety and environmental standards.

Gov’t launches e-Dereg to help tackle abandoned cars issue – owners can now de-register their vehicle online

As a start, Loke said the e-Dereg system – which was developed in collaboration with service provider E-Auto – will be implemented by Car Medic, one of the 10 licensed AATFs, which is located in Bandar Teknologi Kajang. He added that only two AATFs have activated their scrapping facilities so far, with the other AATF facility operating in Shah Alam.

He said the ministry hopes to see more AATFs operating nationwide, and encouraged businesses with the capacity to invest in such facilities to apply for the license from the DOE.

Loke added that in the future, the ministry is planning to allow local authorities to use the system to de-register abandoned vehicles that were removed under the guidelines for the management of abandoned vehicles. At present, de-registration of a vehicle can only be accomplished by the registered owner.

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