Dentsu Creative’s 2024 Trends Report unveils five macro trends for 2024 and beyond, each with a number of sub trends to explore.

It starts with what it calls ‘ode to joy’, with advertising rediscovering the transformative power of humour. A second trend, the study see is, broadcasters embracing storytelling over factual content to help audiences digest the complexity of the times; with memes and reels emerging as a way of distilling complex ideas into bite-sized, shareable formats.

Third is an increased appreciation for goods and services closer to home that draw on local traditions and iconography. Fourthly, with ChatGPT emerging, one can see more practical and scaleable use cases designed to enhance the customer experience.

Lastly, an increase in inter-generational living is giving rise to an appreciation of the older generation, demonstrated through an increase in fashion brands engaging mature ambassadors and the enduring popularity of the #grandmillennial trend.

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