KOZHIKODE: In a heart-warming turn of events, the remarkable journey of Abdul Rahim, who was sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia, and his poignant tale of redemption and hope, is set to be immortalised on the silver screen.

Businessman and philanthropist Boby Chemmanur has announced plans to produce a film chronicling Rahim’s journey of hope.

Rahim, a native of Feroke, Kozhikode, spent the past 18 years behind bars in Saudi Arabia after being convicted in a case involving the accidental death of his sponsor’s son.

Despite his intentions to help, a tragic turn of events led to Rahim being sentenced to death. However, his story took a dramatic twist when the family of the deceased announced a staggering ransom of Rs 34 crore for Rahim’s release.

Moved by Rahim’s plight and the collective goodwill of the Malayali community, Boby Chemmanur spearheaded a campaign to raise the necessary funds for his release from jail. Through unwavering solidarity and compassion, the target amount was successfully collected, showcasing the power of humanity in times of adversity.

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